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The temptations our children face now are much more dangerous and alluring than

those of previous generations. Our kids are engaging in more and more devious acts including sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, and other reckless behavior evident in the increase in teen pregnancies and crime. Our girls are being bombarded with negative examples of womanhood through images such as The Real Housewives franchise, Basketball Wives, Love and HipHop, Bad Girls Club, etc. Why are our girls looking to the entertainment industry for role models rather than in our own community? 

TeamEADIt Incorporated is an organization created to remedy this very situation. “EADIt” is an acronym that stands for “Everybody Ain’t Doing It”, the title of a song penned by the organization’s founder. Initially created in August 2012 and officially incorporated on March 27, 2013, this organization is intended to encourage teenage girls to achieve excellence in academic and civic endeavors. TeamEADIt members contribute to their community year-round, volunteering and hosting events that uplift and empower all people. They will also receive invaluable travel opportunities and mentorship from positive female role models in and outside the community. Additionally, the members are expected to maintain a stellar academic record and positive public persona so that younger girls can have superior images of young womanhood.